Heidi Klum’s Kids Inspired her New Clothing Line (Photos)

Heidi Klum's Kids Inspired her New Clothing Line (Photos)

Model and Project Runway host Heidi Klum, 39, has created an exclusive children’s collection for Babies ‘R’ Us called Truly Scrumptious, and says her designs were influenced by her own children, Johan, Leni, Henry and Lou.

Heidi told The Wall Street Journal: “I just think about what they love. I think about what they see in the world and what kind of stops their tracks.  “My kids love monsters. They love dinosaurs. They love robots.”

Heidi has other fashion lines but intends to enlist the help of her 5-year-old son Johan.  She explained: “For the future, I’m going to have my son Johan do some of the monster designs. He’s all into drawing monsters.

“Some of those I’ve saved already and when we do the next round of T-shirts for boys I want to do some of the prints with his designs.”

Heidi is thrilled her kids are interested in fashion and does not see a problem exposing them to the fashion business.

Heidi reflected: “It depends on what you, as a mom, put your children in or what they are exposed to. If they don’t have a lot, then they just won’t know.  But I feel like if it is affordable and you can show them what is out in the world, why not? My kids have always been exposed to fashion in the world. They see things and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I want that.”

Heidi’s collection also includes cuddly toys, prams and furniture and will be available from September 15.