Natalie Portman Has No Time To Do Herself Up

'Black Swan' actress Natalie Portman speaks at the Nevada Women's Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 25th, 2012.Natalie Portman just doesn’t have the time to look good anymore!

The Black Swan actress has admitted since becoming a mother to one-year-old Alef she has to cut back on her morning make-up routine.

“Everything needs to be a lot simpler now! And it needs to be faster because I have much less time for anything,” the first-time mom tells Ok! Magazine.

Portman has also become more conscious of what she puts on her skin because she doesn’t want to transfer any harmful chemicals to Alef.

She adds, “I really want to make sure that everything I use doesn’t have chemicals in it. It has to be really clean, because you know that your child ends up eating whatever you have on your skin or on your hands. And nail polish is the big thing too, because nail polish can be very toxic.”

Portman recently spoke in support of Obama at the Nevada Women’s Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.