Isla Fisher & Her Ballet Cuties

"Wedding Crashers" actress Isla Fisher is pictured here leaving a ballet class with her daughters Olive and Elula Cohen on August 29, 2012in Los Angeles, California.

Isla Fisher spent the day with her two girls Olive and Elula in Los Angeles on Thursday.  The Confessions of a Shopaholic star looked stylish in cream blazer over a white tank and skinny jeans as she picked up the girls from ballet class. Olive wore a pink tutu dress while Elula wore a blue tutu as her mom helped her down the stairs of the school.  Later in the day, Fisher took Olive out to Pink berry for an ice cream.

Fisher recently told Conan O’Brien that she took her mother to a strip club for her bachelorette party and apparently she didn’t realize the men actually got naked.

 “I threw my mother a bachelorette party right before she got married and I took her to a strip club – this is not a great idea. I, for some reason, dressed her in a red leather dog’s collar – also not a good idea. I had never been to one before and I didn’t know they took off all their clothes, I thought they stayed in shorts! It was supposed to be fun, I thought it would be a great story to tell later… Then she got pulled up on stage.

“I went to the bathroom just very briefly and when I came back the gentleman had pulled off everything… My poor mom. (The stripper had) everything out and (was) literally hovering over her. It all just went wrong.”