Thing I Wish My Husband Knew…

So after the birth of our second child I have come to realize, all those things that I, mommy, just do automatically – they don’t come so natural to my husband. I have some major frustration when it comes to help, I wish I could just clone myself! Don’t get me wrong, my husband is an amazing hands on dad. When it comes to playing cars, trucks, wrestling, and anything fun he has it down! Knowing signs of an overtired toddler who needs a nap instead of another round of Monster Truck play – not so much.

Things I wish my husband knew:

  • How to properly assemble a sippy cup. He either has the wrong stopper, lid or both!
  • How to match an outfit. I put ample effort into making sure the boys’ clothes are matching and stain free. Hubby could care less.
  • Socks – see above, and then add putting the three month old’s socks on the toddle. Fun times.
  • If the baby is crying and he just ate, he probably has a diaper. Check it. Always check it!
  • And finally….how to go to the bathroom when watching both kids! My husband is famous for handing me the baby and saying “omg I have had to go for an hour!” I don’t hold it all day my friend!

I hope I gave you some good laughs. Though it used to frustrate me, and it still does occasionally on a really bad day, I pretty much go with the flow. I am lucky to have such a hands on dad who does help me a TON, whether it’s my way or his, it is still more help than a lot of women have. My boys are lucky to have such a great dad. It is still fun to joke about occasionally and it certianly helps make light of the situation, at least for me.

What does your partner do that drives you nuts?