Pregnant Snooki The Responsible One With Her Jersey Shore Friends

Pregnant Snooki The Responsable One With Her Jersey Shore Friends

Pregnancy changes women, even Nicole “Snooki” PolizziThe Jersey Shore star now admits that she has traded in her hard partying ways and instead of spending every night dancing til dawn at Karma, she has morphed into quite the homebody.  This transformation has done wonders for her relationship with best pal, Jenni “J-Wowww Farley. 

Snooki tells Us magazine, “Me and Jenni got closer just because I’m not going crazy all the time, so she’s not getting annoyed with me,” Snooki, 24, admits. “I’m kind of the responsible one!  I definitely trust Jenni and Roger babysitting my child. Jenni said I scared her with being pregnant and engaged, so I don’t think we’ve [encouraged them to start a family] at all,”

Jenni is also really looking forward to meeting little Lorenzo when he makes his grand arrival next month.  Even more than meeting him, the gym rat is excited at the thought of babysitting.

“Babysitting is the best because you can give them back, and give them back with a ton of sugar!” she jokes. “That’s what I’m really excited for: doping him up on sugar and sending him back to Mommy.”

Do you think Snooki will keep herself together and prove to be a good mother? Can you see her and J-Wowww out pushing a stroller on the boardwalk?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Image credit: Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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