Alec Baldwin Hilariously Wants His Kids To Look Like New Wife Hilaria

Alec Baldwin Hilariously Wants His Kids To Look Like New Wife Hilaria

Alec Baldwin doesn’t want his future kids to look like him, but rather like Hilaria Thomas, his brand new trophy wife.

No, that wasn’t a spelling error where we tried to say she is hilarious, her name is really Hilaria…Who names their child Hilaria? Is this The Addams’ Family?

Hilaria’s face and name luckily don’t go together. She’s an attractive, petite, dark haired beauty and Alec is very protective over her, as was seen by Alec going mental on the paps in New York recently.

Let’s get back to the point.

My only dream is they look like her.” Alec told Showbizspy. Alec’s daughter with ex-wife Kim Basinger is also strangely named Ireland. Who in freaking hell names their child after a small island where people talk weirdly? Alec is very blessed Ireland gets along with Hilaria. Did you also notice that it sounds like a futuristic war and that Ireland is the only surviving country on the planet?

My daughter is as in love with her as everyone else. I’m happier when I’m with her. I’m not as happy when I’m not with her. Let’s face the facts: I got lucky. Being married is pretty incredible. To look at a person and say, ‘I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you’ feels wonderful.”

There’s no word yet on what Alec and Hilaria plan to name their children, but we know “Russia” and “Australia” haven’t been taken yet. If all else fails, “Kazakhstan” remains.

Good luck with raising a fat baby named “Burma”!


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