Matthew Broderick And Sarah Jessica Parker Talk Twins And Multi-Tasking

Matthew Broderick And Sarah Jessica Parker Talk Twins And Multi-Tasking

Being a celebrity parent probably has its ups and downs.  On one hand you are on constant demand to be on set, jet all over the world to shoot, attend events – rough life right?  On the other hand, you are financially stable to hire a nanny or any sort of help you may need.  There are a lot of celebrity parents who take pride and joy in doing it on their own, and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick seem to fit into this group.

So what’s it like being parents to a 9-year-old son (James Wilkie) and to 2-year-old twins Loretta and Tabitha??  The couple is known for being hands on, but they admit that with twins come many challenges.

Matthew sat down recently with People magazine to talk about his family and his twins are more self-sufficient.

 “I’m now used to being unable to give everything the attention it deserves all the time.  You have to be cool like that sometimes — somebody will be screaming about something and you can’t immediately give it to them. But they get used to it, so it’s sort of nice in a way.  I know enough that the personality switches. One at the moment is more Type A.  Actually they’re both kind of Type A. They’re two. They just run everything, you know.  Most importantly, they get along like, well, sisters.  They are really very attached to each other. They’re really cute, it’s kind of sad with twins; they learn to, like, lie on the pillow because you can’t always hold them both. They’re more self-sufficient. They learn to take care of themselves.”

Ok that’s super cute – and don’t worry Matthew, I’m sure they’ll be begging you for driving lessons before you know it!

Image credit: Famepictures, Inc.