Michelle Williams Keeps Career Separate From Daughter

Michelle Williams and Matilda seen in Brooklyn, NYC. A very animated Matilda seen with fall leaves on the corner while they wait for the walk signal. Then Matilda makes gestures at the cars passing by. They stop off to get coffee and Matilda gets half a bagel. Michelle Williams revealed she likes to keep her daughter Matilda separate from her job.

“I like to keep things really separate,” she told.

“I think it could be a misleading part of my job that I don’t want to expose her to yet. When she is a bit older there will be time for it but I think right now I like to keep it separate.”

Michelle recently revealed that she felt as if she “couldn’t manage life” when she was younger.

“Whenever I think about that period of time, I just think it’s amazing that I’m as intact as I am,” she said.

“For the longest time I felt like I was just losing all the time, flailing, losing, flailing, losing. Like I just couldn’t manage life because I was trying, but without any life skills or guidance for it.

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