Octomom Nadya Suleman: Life Is a “Piece of Poop!”

nadya sulemanOctomom, Nadya Suleman who has stayed mum after her “I hate my children” debackle last June has opened up once again about her 14 children. In the 21-minute chat on UStream Sunday night Suleman admits it’s not easy raising her children, but the rewards outweigh anything negative.

“Is this easy? God, no! It’s not easy at all! I’m not going to be trying to don any facade and say, ‘Oh yeah, life is a piece of cake.’ It’s not. It’s a piece of poop!” Suleman said. “Eight pieces of poop, all day long. But the rewards outweigh anything negative.”

Suleman says her octuplets reached their milestones early even though they born prematurely.

“They reached all their developmental milestones early — earlier than all my others,” Suleman gushed. “They were walking at about 1, and that’s early for premature infants.”

“Most of them can count to 20 or longer. I’m trying my best, in every chance I get, to do little flashcards and to teach them,” Suleman said. “It’s all going very well.”

What do you think of Suleman and her 14 children? Do you think she is really happy?