Jared Padalecki Has Two Months Till’ Parenthood

Jared Padalecki Soon To Be Father Supernatural

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki is going to become part of the first-time daddy club in 2 months. According to sources, Padalecki is incredibly excited about being a daddy and is doing everything he can to help wife Genevieve Cortese prepare for the birth of their son. By everything, we of course mean things like getting ice cream, junk food, snacks, etc etc…

“I’ve been trying to do everything I can to be the classic father: when she needs ice cream, I go get ice cream. If she needs a foot massage, I do the foot massage. I’ve doing everything I possibly can,” said the eager soon-to-be daddy. The real question is, does he actually have choice?

“Obviously I’ve been working, so I can’t be there all the time when she needs me, but I make sure he has what she needs when she needs it, and when I get home at night.” said the actor. But the fun is only beginning for the couple who is planning on giving birth the good ole fashion way: all natural! “I’m taking the epidural shots!” a joking Padalecki said.

“We’re gonna try to have the baby a little while before we name it,” said the Supernatural hunk. “We don’t want to put it out there, like try and turn him into something before we meet the kid. We want to get a feel for who this kid is before we name him.” Interesting way about naming a child. I’m sure lots of people do it, but it seems to me like most parents decide on the name long before birth is on the horizon. Do you think parents should wait until after birth to decide on a name in order for that name to ‘fit’ more with the child? And if so, how long after birth should we wait, since the baby only gets a unique personality a while after birth?

At least for Padalecki things seem to be looking up, Supernatural having won Best Sci/Fi TV Series and Best Drama TV Series at the People’s Choice Awards.