Chris Hemsworth Tells Pregnant Wife To Slow Down

Chris Hemsworth Tells Pregnant Wife To Slow Down

Take it easy – that’s actor Chris Hemsworth‘s advice to his pregnant wife Elsa Pataky. He’s ordered the mum to be to ease up on her love of extreme sports and adventure while she’s with child. But is she listening?

The Aussie and his Spanish Mrs announced they were having their first child earlier this month. But Chris’s wife has since been photographed on holidays in St Barths jumping into the water and riding water slides.

Elsa herself has acknowledged her love of high octane activities  “I’m pregnant and I say, ‘But I can’t go surfing? Are you sure I can’t go horseriding or on the motorbike?’ I’ve always been like that. I like risk. I realise it’s nuts, but it goes through my head‘. But admits it doesn’t necessarily go down well withe the rest of her family ‘My mother holds her head in her hands, then she makes me see sense. My husband too. He puts the brakes on and the worst thing is I have to listen‘.

Maybe the actress who appeared in the Fast and Furious 5 wants to burn off those extra calories. She has talked about developing a sweet tooth since falling pregnant ‘I don’t like the healthy food I used to love. Now all I want is sweet things, rubbish like hamburgers, chips – all the stuff I never used to touch. I try not to go over the top because I need to look after myself for my work. I’m always doing things related to my image‘.


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