50 Cent Posts First Pictures Of Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy First Pictures By 50 Cent

Curtis Jackson III, otherwise known as rapper 50 Cent, jokingly twitted pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s beautiful new baby on his twitter account this past Tuesday. He twitted:

Yal play to much congratulations to JAYZ and Beyonce BABY #BlueIvyCarter IS

The image depicts a baby, with a relatively aged face on a sheet. The second image is similar but the face is different. 50 Cent has a funny sense of humor, I guess getting shot 9 times can play funny tricks on you. The joke is relatively harmless and it’s hard to think that the hour’s hottest couple(Beyonce & Jay-Z) will take an offense by the meek joke.

50 Cent then tweeted that he didn’t create the image:

I would never make a picture like that its all over my time line yal play to much I’m sure Jay is the happiest he’s ever been in his life.

Since almost everyone has been in the news either wishing congratulations to the new parents, or making some kind of comment on baby Blue Ivy, 50 Cent just wanted in on the action as well.