Jane Krakowski: My Baby’s Poop Is Lovely Smelling

Jane Krakowski With Son BennettJane Krakowski doesn’t dread changing her six-month-old son Bennett’s dirty diapers. In fact, she relishes the often unpleasant task!

“It’s funny: when it’s your child those things don’t smell bad,” Krakowski, 42, told reporters at Thursday’s grand opening of The Sensorium in New York City.

“They all just become lovely smells. You’re kind of amazed sometimes [at] some of the scents that come from my son.”

Krakowski says “every day is a joy” when it comes to raising her newborn, who according to his mom, has “mad [developmental] skills.”

“He can coo and he can dribble and he’s teething and all right on target,” she says.

This is Krakowski’s first child. Bennett was born April 13 in a NYC and weighed 7 lbs., 12 oz.

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