Alyssa Milano Has Started An Art Collection For Son

Alyssa Milano Loves PregnancyAlyssa Milano  and her husband David Bugliari have started an art collection for their son Milo, who is just seven weeks old.

“David and I decorated the nursery ourselves. We wanted to give him a warm cosy space he could grow into,” Milano said.

“The paintings are part of the ‘John Lennon Real Love: Drawings for Sean’ artwork series.

“We thought about doing a mural but it seemed kind of depressing to one day have to paint over it. We decided we would start Milo an art collection that he could have forever and pass down.”

Milano is also doing all she can to hang on to mementos of her baby’s first few months.

She explained: “I’ve been taking a ton of mental pictures. I’m updating his baby book – and thank goodness for the iPhone and the Hipstomatic app!”

Milano was astonished by how much love she felt for Milo when he was born.

“The first time I saw Milo I finally understood my purpose in life. I think it was more emotional than I thought it would be. Even now, I can’t really put into words how I felt.