Tia Mowry: Motherhood is Emotional

Tia Mowry PregnantTia Mowry recently opened up about the birth of her child, Cree Taylor on June 5, 2011.

Mowry tells that she was ready to see her baby.

“I was told to be prepared for him to come before or after my due date”

“I was excited to get this baby out of me.”

Mowry admits she didn’t anticipate the sudden wave of feelings after meeting her son.

“It’s a lot more emotional than I expected. I knew it would be emotional, but I didn’t know it would be this emotional,” she says. ”People always say you never know love until you have your own child and all of that is true.”

Mowry says she is already tired caring for her son.

“I didn’t know I’d be this exhausted. I’m so sleep deprived,” she reveals. “When I talk to other mothers about it they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, honey, and it doesn’t change. Your body just gets used to it.’”