Tia Mowry Shares Family Christmas Card

What a very Christmas it’s going to be for Tia Mowry and her family!

The Sister Sister actress shared her family Christmas card via her Instagram account on Tuesday. 

In the family portrait, Mowry sits center while her baby daughter Cairo sits on her laps. She embraces Cree while her husband Cory Hardrict rests his arm on her shoulders. 

“It wouldn’t be Christmas time without holiday cards. This year I chose @SimplytoImpress, and am I glad I did. SO Beautiful. Their designs are magical. They make it super easy to customize, and their designers look at every card to make it perfect! Check it out! ❤️ #simplytoimpress #ad #bestchristmasever,” she captioned the shot.

In an essay for Women’s Health and Oprah Magazine, Mowry talked about her long and lonely road to getting an actual diagnosis for her endometriosis.

“The diagnosis wasn’t the first time I realized something might be wrong,” she wrote. “I’d been experiencing extreme pelvic pain for years and went to several doctors. Each one would brush me off. ‘Those are just really bad cramps, some women get them more severely.'” One doctor told her to try heat; another suggested exercise.

I always knew what I was feeling was more severe than just cramps. … Even though multiple doctors told me not to worry about my symptoms, I knew in my gut this was serious,” she recounted, adding,  “Finally, in my late 20s, I ended up going to an incredible African American doctor who immediately knew what I had. She explained that endometriosis occurs when the tissue that belongs inside your uterus grows on the outside instead.”

Mowry and her husband Hardrict married in 2008.