The Jackson Kids Take On Magic Mountain!

The Jackson Kids Take On Magic Mountain!

Michael Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket thought it was time to have some good ol’ fun. The kids, who went to the park with Jermaine Jackson’s children, spent the afternoon at Magic Mountain in Valencia, California yesterday.

I hope they had a good time — what a blast! I also hope that the photogs weren’t too annoying . . . sometimes ya’ just gotta’ let the celeb-kids play in peace, ya’ know? I bet being chased down everywhere you go gets real old, real quick, especially for kids-who-just-wanna-be-kids.

Prince seems to be growing up fast. Pretty soon he’ll no longer be allowed on our Baby Laundry page — that’s what happens when tiny tots grow up, they spread their wings and fly away from the CBL nest forever.

Speaking of growing up, is that a girlfriend we see striding alongside him? Hmm. . .

What do you think . . . girlfriend, or just-the-friend-that-happens-to-be-a-girl-that-happens-to-be-walking-extra-close-to-him?