‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Says She’s More Mature Than The Other Teen Moms

'Teen Mom' Farrah Says She's More Mature Than The Other Teen Moms

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has just claimed that she’s the most mature out of all the Teen Moms. With her college graduation and the all-too-sudden death of her baby daddy Derek Underwood behind her, it seems as if Farrah is beginning to move on with her life in a positive direction.

However, despite her current good standing in life, the teen mom claims she lives a tough life . . . and has it harder than the other teen moms featured in the wildly popular series.

“I would say I’m more mature in a lot of ways than most young mothers I’m around,” she tells Mom Finds. “I feel that I have had a harder path in many ways because of the choices I made and my particular circumstances.”

“But to say I have it easier or harder than other teen moms, I’d rather not judge,” she adds. “The other teen moms have different ups and downs that none of us would want to experience.”

What do you all think: has it tougher? Or just a whiner/attention-monger?