Meet Laila Ali’s Little Girl

Laila Ali’s Daughter Sydney J.

Laila Ali’recently sat down with people magazine and showed off her beautiful daughter. Sydney J. is her second child and was born on April 4, 2011.

Her first child CJ, is a boy, so she was excited when she found out she was having a girl. “Before I got pregnant with Sydney I started paying attention to girls with their moms and I thought, ‘Oh, I want a girl,’” confesses the  Ali. “They are like a little mini me.”

Ali is excited to teach her 9-week-old “how to cook and how to be a lady” and “how to be strong but still be feminine and confident.”

Mother and daughter have already established a girls only ritual. “Because I get up so much with her, we are sleeping in a separate room,” Ali, 33, explains. “My favorite time is the evening when CJ goes to sleep and I have her in the room and it’s quiet. We have our quiet moment together.”

Laila Ali's Daughter SydneyLaila Ali's Daughter Sydney

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