Life According to Me, At Thirty-Two Weeks Pregnant

Life According to Me, at 32 WeeksI haven’t updated you guys in a long time. I know I suck! From now on I plan to post every week about my pregnancy and eventually motherhood.  I’ll share my experiences and any tips I might have.

I’m 32 weeks and four days pregnant.  What does it feel like at this stage? It feels like, “I’m ready to be done, but I better not say that because my baby needs to bake some more!”.  This is the point when getting off the couch is a pain. Your husband will get accustomed to hearing,  “Darling, could you….”.  a lot more. The first trimester feeling of tiredness is coming back.  However, with one slight difference. I feel tired during the day, but wide awake at night.  Notice my late night blogging yesterday 😉

This week I have two parenting classes. One tonight, on pain relief options. At the beginning, of my pregnancy I was thinking of having a natural birth. Lets just say I rethought when watching childbirth video’s 😉 Oh, and being told by some people I was crazy!  Honestly, I’m worried I won’t be able to handle the pain. Plus, I’m no hero. I won’t feel any better telling others I did it the natural way!  Tuesday’s I go to a new parent class.   I went to my first one last week and I was the biggest person there 🙁 Hopefully, everyone turns into a whale this week.

A nice quote for all the pregnant ladies today,
“I’m a Pregasauraus…mess with me and you’ll be extinct.”

Well that’s my life for now,