Colin Farrell’s Talks About Son Being Diagnosed With Angelman Syndrome

Colin Farrell's Talks About Son Being Diagnosed With Angelman Syndrome

Irish actor Colin Farrell gave a rare interview to Ellen De Generes talking about his son being diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome.  Colin’s son James was initially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy but his obsession with water made doctors look further.

Colin said, “The doctor saw him one day and said, ‘Is he always this happy… and does he always kind of flap his arms like that?’ and we said, ‘Yes’. And he said, ‘And how does he feel about water?’ and we said, ‘Oh, water’s fascinating (to him)’. “He went, ‘Has he been tested for Angelman Syndrome?’ We didn’t know what that was.”

Colin feels talking about James’ rare condition has helped other parents.  He said, He explained, “When I spoke about it first about, which was about five years ago, a lot of people got their children correctly diagnosed as a result of just this little interview I did with an Irish newspaper.”