Jeff Gordon Enjoys A Dip In The Pool With His Family


Jeff Gordon Enjoys A Dip In The Pool With His Family

NASCAR driver and daddy Jeff Gordon enjoyed a nice afternoon by the pool with his wife Ingrid Vandebosch and their two children, Leo and Ella. The family spent time soakin’ up the rays in Miami, Florida and judging from the smiles on all of their faces they had a pretty swell time.

Jeff Gordon, while busy with his NASCAR obligations, seems to be a rather decent father, one who’s present in his kids’ lives. Despite his little scandalous romp a few years back, he seems to be a pretty decent guy.

For the third year in a row Gordon has won the NASCAR Illustrated Person of the Year acknowledgment, which was awarded to him because of his generous philanthropic endeavors. His charity work includes, but is not limited to, his support in Africa with the Clinton Global Initiative and his unending support in the field of pediatric cancer research.

Hope you all had fun in the sun!

  • Jeff Gordon Enjoys A Dip In The Pool With His Family
  • Jeff Gordon Enjoys A Dip In The Pool With His Family
  • Jeff Gordon Enjoys A Dip In The Pool With His Family

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Gwen Stefani’s ‘Harajuku Mini’ Fashion Line At Target

Gwen Stefani's 'Harajuku Mini' Fashion Line At Target

Gwen Stefani, in partnership with Target, has just released her super cute kids fashion line Harajuku Mini. The fashion line is named after the Harajuku district in Japan and works to capture the “cute” style of Japanese fashion. On the topic of her Harajuku Mini, which strives to capture the same style as her adult line Harajuku Lovers, Gwen said:

I’ve always wanted to do a cool children’s fashion line inspired by the super-cute and playful kids’ clothing you find in Japan. The whole idea is about being creative, expressing your own individuality and having fun getting dressed.

She recently debuted the line at a fashion show, where her two favorite little men, sons Kingston and Zuma, strutted their stuff down the catwalk.

The fashion designer is grateful to Target for giving her so much artistic liberty. “Target has given me the creative freedom to design kid’s clothing that is different than most anything you usually see out there with great quality, attention to detail and most of all, available at amazing prices,” she said.

The line was released on November 13th. Items in the Harajuku Mini line are geared toward children ages 1-13 and are reasonably priced (falling somewhere in the range of $3.99 — $29.99).

So, what are you waiting for? Go get that lil’ baby nugget of yours some super-awesome-cute Harajuku!

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Hottest Baby Names of 2012!

Hottest Baby Names of 2012!

Our pals over at Nameberry, a site run by bestselling authors Pamela Redmond Satran andLinda Rosenkrantz, see the following as the twelve hottest trends of 2012:

1. Biggest Big Picture Trend: Modern Hero Names

Mariah Carey herself adhered to this trend by naming her bouncing baby daughter Monroe, as in the iconic blonde-bomshell. As observed by Nameberry, such surname names can pay tribute to fictional, historical, and/or modern day heroes. Other examples include: Landry, Gatsby (from that great American novel you might have heard of–or maybe even read–once in your life), and Palin (ermm, yah, you betcha’ . . . you know the one we’re talking about).

2. Trend Trying Hardest to Have It All: Same but Different Names

The act of taking a popular name, such as Emily or Isabella, and putting a unique spin on it so as to achieve a classic — yet unique — name.

3. Most Aggressive Trend: Fierce Names

As asserted by Nameberry, these somewhat violent times we’ve found ourselves in have inspired parents to name their sons borderline violent things, such as Bear, Fox, Lynx, Breaker, Wilder, Ranger. Hmm. . . Perhaps I will name my son Volcano — that’s fierce and badass.

4. Hottest Direction in Baby Naming: West

Western sounding names (Weston, Wesley), but also names inspired by the West. Round ‘em up lil’ cowboys!

5. Now Vowel: A

New and unique names beginning with A, such as: Acacia, Ada, Anais, Annelise, Anouk, Aria, Athena, and for boys, Alistair, Ambrose, Aragon, Archer, Arthur, and Augustas.

6. Consonant of the Moment: M

M names. Yay! To name a few, ones that are trending on Nameberry: for girls, Maeve, Magdalena, Maisie, Marguerite, Marlo/Marlowe, May, Mila, Millie, and Minnie, and for boys, Magnus, Micah, Miller, Milo, and Montgomery.

7. Strongest, Bravest Trend: Adjective Names

The movement away from “noun” names and toward adjective names, such as: True, Brave, Sunny, Golden, Happy. Soccer player Gabriel Zakuani has taken this trend to heard and named his son “Trendy.” These names just seem so incredibly classy. I think we should start a verb trend next. I’ll send the next person to name their child “Running” or “Jumping” a ten dollar Starbuckscard.

8. Most Surprising Comeback Name: Betty

Oh hi, Betty. Maybe this is a nod to the irreplaceable Betty White? January Jones also brings this name to life through her Mad Men character Betty Draper.

9. Coolest Middle Names: New Connectors

10. Most Unlikely Baby Name Inspiration: TV’s Evil Grandpa

A tribute to the “the gun-toting, pot-dealing grandpa Arlo Givens on television’s Justified.”

11. Name Trend Ready To Jump The Shark: The –ley Names

Basically, just tacking -ley to the end of anything and calling it a name. Nickley Sanfordley? Should that be my new pen name?

12. Sweetest Ending: Vintage Nicknames That End in –ie

Nicknames ending in -ie were apparently all the rage in the nineteenth century, and now they’re making a comeback!

Thanks, Nameberry for all this awesome research you’ve done! It’s so interesting to see how prominent forces in pop culture — and even those existing outside of our celeb realm — influence the way parents choose to name their children. Quite fascinating.

Maria, Patrick, and Arnold Spend Some Time Together

Maria, Patrick, and Arnold Spend Some Time Together

Despite their differences, Arnold Schwarzenegger (I still can’t for the life of me remember how to spell his last name) and ex Maria Shriver are still managing to get together for the sake of their son, Patrick Schwarzenegger–who’s apparently had enough of modeling and is now looking for a movie career.

Arnold and Patrick spent nearly an hour (wow, an hour!) with their son yesterday at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica. After the fun lil’ meet up, Arnold went off with his body guards while Maria and Patrick decided to spend some cash-money at Fred Segal (a high end clothing retailer).

Well, isn’t it nice to see the three of them being cordial? What I’d really like to know, however, is why in the world’s Maria smelling Patrick? Um, weirdness.

Ali Larter Hits The Street With Her Two Men

Ali Larter Hits The Street With Her Two Men

Ali Larter hit the streets looking all hip and casual with two of her fave men: her husband Hayes MacArthur and their son Theodore Hayes MacArthur.

Aw, look at those two looking at each other and smiling and stuff. Ain’t that just so cute. Baby Theodore clearly has something else registered on his radar, as that lil’ baby nugget is COMPLETELY sidetracked.

I don’t know where the good lookin’ trio was heading, but regardless of their destination they all looked like they were having a splendid day. Have any comments for us? Leave your dirty laundry in the comments section below!

Matthew Broderick Strolls Home With Son From School

Matthew Broderick Strolls Home With Son From School

Matthew Broderick was seen picking up his son, James, from school yesterday. UGH, school. I know how you feel, James. My advice: power down all the burritos  (or whatever it is you’re eating) you can get your hands on. Eating lots of food (particularly junk food) helps make school a tad more sufferable.

Now, mothers out there, just because us students like eating junk food doesn’t mean that the growing baby inside your belly does. Stick with organic foods, please, just like our friend Jennifer Garner. JK. I’m not going to tell you how to run your life. I’m sure developing babies would much prefer Cheetoh’s and Ben & Jerry’s . . . or dirt (I hear some soon-to-be mothers get cravings for odd things like dirt)  :)

Do any of you have any exciting news about Celeb families, babies, etc.? Anything you all would particularly like to see more of on this blog? Suggestions? Comments?