Celeb Baby Laundry

  1. sarah says:

    I really doubt this story is legit. No one really knows whats going on with Jenelle, except jenelle. It’s Kinda crap to have this story up.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Just giving her son a bath Janelle expects a medal for being a mother. Watch any episode…she can’t deal with Jace for more than a few hours.

    I used to feel bad for her…but now I think Jace is far better off with Babara ….Janelle would flip out if she had custody….and imagine when he is a teenager and treats her like she does her own mother….she would never be able to cope with that situation at all.

    It’s ok Janelle..go smoke some more pot because “I’m SO STRESSED OUT!”…she has no clue what being a real mother involves. She is a sometimes babysitter at best.

  3. Kathy says:

    Again yet another perfect example of children having smaller children. 15 or 50 some people are just to self-centered to be a parent that puts there child first. America has made it so ecceptable for teens to be pregnant. We even have shows. that to some that glamorize it. So what do we expect butthat it will be up to everyone else but the real parent to raise the next generation. And when they do something for there child YES they will expect a medle of parental honor. When I get the money will be her life’s epitaph.

  4. nicole says:

    What a joke she is! She wants custody of a child she can’t stand to be around more than a few minutes. I saw and episode of her going to the beach with Jace, her mom, and her friend. They came home and Barbera said he needs a bath….Janelle gave him a bath (granted Barbera was trying to tell her what to do the whole time), but when she was done, instead of dressing the boy she was walking around the house picking up her stuff and the toys and all she needed to do was dress the kid first….DUH! She started a fight with her mom, over it and left….Hmmmm, she left because her mom was telling her how to properly care for her child! Now if she was any kind of parent she would have told her friend to leave and she would have stayed to care for her kid, No she always leaves, leaves, leaves! Maybe she would stay out of trouble if she was at home taking care of her kid like she should instead of going out every night. She is a horrible young girl and she will never get her son back…. NO court in the world will ever concede to it! And you know what?! This poor child is going to grow up, watch this show and see just what a POS his mom really was to him and his Grandma he will have no respect for his mom…Sad….For the child….

  5. BEK says:

    Another Casey Anthony in the making.

  6. rudylove says:

    Janelle is stupid and dumb as hell! She makes me sick! She really need to get her life together. She need to leave Jace with her mother and focus on getting her self together instead of partying, smoking pot, and hanging out with no good dudes, period point blank! Ugh, just thinking about this little girl makes my stomach ache. All she thinks about is smoking pot and not her son. I think she knows how to be parent therefore, she need to be thanking God for her mother! I mean it kills me to think about what would happen if Barbara was not around, but at the same time Barbara needs to stop bailing her out all the time and smack the $%^& out of her WHENEVER she disrepects her or put her ” I want to be grown butt” out of her house.

  7. Meagan says:

    That is a Food Lion bag, which is a grocery store. Not really splurging on a shoppinh spree.

  8. L says:

    For anyone that has ever watched this so-called mom knows that the child belongs with the grandma. Janelle is too selfish and immature to be a good mother. She cares more about concerts and drugs. Adoption would of given that little boy a better life. I know his grandma loves him, but he witnesses nothing but fighting etc.

  9. The Dude says:

    I love jenelle.


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