Jessica Alba, Honor Warren, And Nanny Get Coffee

Jessica Alba, Honor Warren, And Nanny Get Coffee

Jessica Alba — fantastic mother of two — and her daughter, Honor Warren, took to the streets to get some coffee. The nanny also tagged along, which isn’t all that unusual to see when Celebs take their children out for the day. I’m noticing it more and more as I continue to stalk meticulously examine Celeb families.

I wonder what lil’ Honor is drinking? She appears to be very focused on whatever it might be.

Jessica continues to wear loose-fitting clothing. Even though she had a baby recently, her post-pregnant body is still rockin’. What do you all think? How would you rate Jessica’s post-baby-carrying bod? On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, please — 5 being the absolute-best-OMG-you’re-like-still-a-goddess.

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