Little People, Big World Spoilers: Why Are Fans of the Show Blasting Audrey Roloff After New Parenting Move

Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that there are more fans of the Roloff family that have started blasting Audrey Roloff after seeing her next move on social media.

She recently shared a Story on Instagram with her kids having fun in the sun. Of course, her fans were happy to see her children, but they couldn’t help but notice some very interesting things in the background. Let’s find out why fans got so upset over this new post.

Sunny Day Posts

When Audrey shared with her fans that they had finally had a sunny day, they were quick to respond with hate. She shared a photo of the three children in their pajamas outside.

None of them were wearing any shoes and their feet were in the grass. She captioned it,”Finally had a sunny and warm enough morning to eat breakfast outside.” She also shared that the temperature was 48 degrees.

While most of her fans were happy to see such an adorable photo, there were quite a few who were quick to throw shade at Audrey for her children being outside in no shoes in chilly weather.

Audrey Roloff

These fans did not support her decision to allow her kids to be there with their toes in the grass when it didn’t seem that warm outside.’

Fans React To Post

Plenty of Audrey’s followers took to social media to explain that they live in the same area and it was still very cold during the morning in question. Another added, “Poor kids. Barefoot in their pjs in 48 degree weather, so Audrey can do a reel of them grounding.”

There were some that thought that Audrey more than likely made them pose like this just so she could share it on social media. This seems to be something that she does quite frequently.

While looking at the way the kids are posed and their body language, they still look a little tired and it doesn’t look like they’re very happy at all.

Has Audrey pushed her status on social media a little too far with this one? It is clear that her fans think so. We will be sure to keep an eye on her posts to see just what she does next with her children.

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