Sweet Home Sextuplets Boys Help To Save A Cute Baby

Courtney and Eric Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans still get updates about Courtney and Eric Waldrop’s family long after TLC canceled the show. Recently, she shared how some of her little boys helped to save a sweet baby. The story involved Layke, Blu, and Tag. If you don’t know they were born on the same day as their sisters, Rivers, Rayne, and Rawlings Their older siblings include the twins, Wells and Bridge, and the oldest son Saylor.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Living Ranch Life For The Boys

When fans saw the scenes on TLC where the little kids were being potty trained it was a disaster. Actually, they lived in a trailer while Eric remodeled their home. Updating her fans since the show ended, she revealed that it looks splendid now. Fortunately, the babies are no longer babies and they get involved in farm life. Eric runs a landscaping company and he keeps livestock when he’s not busy improving their home. Or, enjoying some fun with his many kids.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans see from social media that now the kids are bigger a lot of fun goes down. Courtney lets them make special happy memories. In fact, they love to dance on the table, ride their little cars in the house, and zoom around on their bikes. Sometimes, they play baseball with their dad outside in the big yard. While some people criticize them, the kids’ mom won’t let them get her down. But this time, they were not partying. Instead, they worked with their dad to save a baby cow.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Boys Help Dad Save A Baby

When Courtney shared about the calf on her Instagram, she revealed Tag, Blue, and Layke outside at the stock pes. Eric was busy with a calf while the boys helped. In her caption, she said, “This poor little bull calf lost his momma a few days ago and Eric and the boys are determined to give it a chance. It will not suck a bottle so Eric has been syringe feeding it multiple times a day!! You’re going to make it baby cow!!”

Sweet Home Sextuplets Boys Help To Save A Cute Baby
Courtney Waldrop / Instagram

The boys seemed very keen to learn and to take part in saving the cute animal. Of course, the Sweet Home Sextuplets children will possibly grow attached to the animal and that’s sometimes a problem. After all, once an animal is viewed as a family pet, it’s not easy to send them for slaughter. Hopefully, they will also learn about the downside of farming livestock.

TLC Fans React

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans reacted in the comments. One of them wrote, “Miracle baby being saved by miracle babies. He’ll do wonderful 😍.”

Another one said, “Sweet little calf! 😍😍😍 Farm life has so many lessons and just everyday beauty!!! 💗💗💗.”

Are you pleased that the three little boys are learning about compassion? Do you think the baby cow might end up being the family’s pet cow on their property? Let us know in the comments below.

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