OutDaughtered Spoilers: Fans Confused Over Ending Of Season 9 Out Of Nowhere


OutDaughtered spoilers reveal that fans have grown very confused over the fact that Season 9 just seemed to end out of nowhere.

It seems to these fans that this season didn’t last as long as it usually does and this threw them off. Now they are left scratching their heads and curious if there are more episodes or if the show is just over like that.

There were a few cliffhangers that left fans confused and now it looks as if these fans have taken to Reddit to explain their theories on what is next for the Busby family.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – What Will Happen Next?

As soon as fans heard that the latest episode of OutDaughtered was the final one of Season 9, they were a little bit upset and thrown off.

This season did seem incredibly short compared to the others. There were fans who felt that TLC completely skipped over some of the moments that they wanted to see this season.

For example, there were some holidays that got skipped and plenty of viewers felt the show was very boring this season.


A Reddit post began about the sudden ending of the season as well. It began, “How is the season over already? It’s only been 5 episodes.

My question is…..how did the months go by so fast on the show? For a family that loves Christmas seems like they didn’t even celebrate it, only with a 5-minute gift unwrapping.

Just seems weird. And WHY WHY WHY waste our time with that terrible Battle of the Busbys????

Just another reason to have another clip show and to have Dale ham it up as always.”

OutDaughtered Updates – The Theories Begin

As soon as this post went up on Reddit, it was clear that there were plenty of other viewers who had the same ideas about the short season.

Another added, “Most of the time either Danielle and/or Adam is out of town so they probably didn’t have enough time together to make more episodes.”

There were some other fans who wrote about how they thought there would be another episode coming on the 29th.

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to if the show has ended for this season or not. It turns out that the final episode will, in fact, air on August 29.

This episode will show Adam Busby taking his daughters to the father-daughter dance at school. It will show how challenging this can be with five daughters.

Watch and see what happens on OutDaughtered on August 29 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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