Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff Talks Tummy Tucks

Tori Roloff

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff got to talking about tummy tucks after plenty of people suggested that she might be pregnant again. Actually, the TLC star doesn’t like it when people ask if she is expecting and many people don’t think to ask something like that in public. Still, the questions arrive and they certainly start to irritate her. So, she opened up on social media this week.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Tori Roloff Said No To More Kids

Zach and Tori now have three children. Jackson is six, his little sister, Lilah is now running around with confidence and baby Josiah turned one year old recently. Each of the children arrived via C-Section. And all of them went full-term. Now, many people hope for a fourth child, but she and Zach have ruled that out. So, why people ask if she’s pregnant again seems like a bit of a mystery. Are they simply suggesting that she’s not thin enough? A question like that can also be a troll when you think about it.

Little People, Big World fans enjoy seeing Tori’s kids on social media and on the TC show. Well, they might as well enjoy it while they can because the show won’t last forever. Perhaps the day will come when Zach and Tori walk away from it all. Unfortunately, the kids will become less regular in the lives of TLC fans. So for now, why fans can’t just enjoy what they see without putting Tori under pressure, isn’t clear. But a lot of them nag about another baby for the couple.

Little People Big World: Tummy Tuck For Tori Roloff

This week, Tori spoke about how it is never good to ask a woman if they are pregnant. After all, they might not be. Anyway, it’s personal. She does recognize that some people ask because they love and care for them. But still, there’s enough of it for her to actually consider a “tummy tuck.” She is “not pregnant” but it must be a bit embarrassing if people look at your body and think you might be. Anyway, she is not having more kids. Meanwhile, she also came to the conclusion that she’s proud of what her body went through.

Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff Talks Tummy Tucks
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

The Little People Big World star explained  that she carried all three of her kids to “full term.” It takes s a lot out of a mom being pregnant. So, three times and then having to recover from the surgery is a big ask. So, even if she wanted more kids, it’s not a good idea. What if she and Zach desired another child, but she can’t have one? Would the pregnancy question hurt even more? Certainly, it’s something for fans to think about.

No Tummy Tuck

For now, it seems like the Little People Big World star won’t be getting a tummy tuck. After all, her body bore those babies and it never let her down. Perhaps later, she might think about it. But she’s not going for a tummy tuck just because of thoughtless questions from TLC fans.

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