Jon Gosselin & His New Girlfriend Stephanie Open Up

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin, the dad of Cara, Mady, Alexis, Aaden, Leah, Joel, Collin, and Hannah had a number of girlfriends after he split from Kate. The former cast member of Jon and Kate Plus 8 had a girlfriend named Liz Jannetta, but she soon disappeared.

Then Colleen Conrad dated him for nearly seven years. Nevertheless, they also split. Until recently, there didn’t seem to be another woman in his life.

However, word leaked that someone named Stephanie hooked up with him after Colleen’s departure. It happened at a barbecue. This week, they opened up about their secrecy.

Jon Gosselin Back In The News

For someone who hasn’t been on TLC for so long, Collin’s dad manages to grab a lot of headlines and interviews. Most recently, that came when his son Collin spoke out on VICE TV’s Dark Side of the 2000s. He accused his mom, Kate of being abusive.

According to him, she allegedly kept him separate from the other kids. Plus, she sent him to a mental institution. He claimed it was because he spoke about his treatment to a teacher, so his mom sent him away.

Later he went to live with Colleen Conrad and his dad.

Jon Gosselin backed up Collin’s story and there was hell to pay for Kate, who got slammed by thousands of angry TLC fans.

In the meantime, Collen Conrad also spoke up for Collin. She claimed that he stayed with her after she and his dad broke up, and that he’s a nice young man.

Kate had claimed that Collin was the abusive one. Well, it’s interesting to note that she remained on the fringes of Jon’s family after their split.

Jon Gosselin Got A New Girlfriend

When fans first heard that a new girlfriend was with the former TLC star, they were a bit taken aback. After all, there had been no hint of a woman permanently in his life since Colleen left.

Nowadays, you can see photos of Stephanie Lebo on his Instagram, and on her own social media. If you don’t know, she has a child as well.

Plus, she sees nothing of the man that Kate described to the media so many times. This week, they opened up more about their lives together in an interview with ET on YouTube.

Jon Gosselin addressed the fact that Mady had slammed Collin, the same way that Kate did. He mentioned that she should give the young man a chance.

Jon Gosselin and His New Girlfriend Stephanie Open Up
ET / YouTube

ET also released more about the interview and revealed that Stephanie isn’t a “new” feature in his life. The news that she exists only came out recently because Jonn Gosselin really wanted for them to grow their relationship in “private.”

Stephanie talked about her mother’s reaction when she found out that she met him at a barbecue and they started dating. Unhappy, she later changed her mind and these days she spends a lot of time in their company.

What Do You Think About Stephanie And Her Man Opening Up?

Jon Gosselin even considers marrying again, and he doesn’t care what Kate thinks of that. For them, being  together is “a forever thing.”

Now that they have nine kids between them, don’t expect the pitter-patter of any more children. Certainly, Stephanie seems excited about the prospect of making her life with her boyfriend permanent. Perhaps soon, they will announce a wedding date.

What do you think about the couple opening up? Let us know in the comments below.

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