Little People Big World Fans Defend Tori Roloff After Comparison To Audrey

Tori Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) star Tori Roloff and her sister-in-law, Audrey both had their first two kids close together. In fact, if she’d not had a miscarriage, Audrey’s son, Radley would have been close in age to Tori’s third baby. At the moment, both moms are busy getting their kids confident in the pool. And most people think that it’s a very good idea. However, some TLC fans had to rush to defend Lilah’s mom when a comparison was made between the two mothers.

Little People Big World Mom Tori Roloff Has Differences From Audrey

Although Jackson and  Ember were born close together, the cousins don’t see much of each other these days. That’s because Zach and his wife moved to Washington. Well, there are still stories around that the two moms are in a feud. Actually, rumors still persist that Zach and Audrey’s husband Jeremy also don’t get along. Some people think it’s about politics and religion. Anyway, when it comes to parenting styles, there’s a big difference between Tori and Audrey.

Little People Big World fans often slam Adurey for making dangerous decisions about her children. For example, she let the kids go on Jeremy’s ATV with no helmets on. Plus, she took Bode, her second child on the slopes at a very young age. While Tori gets slammed for a lot of things, she’s not slammed as often for putting her kids in danger. So this week, her fans rushed to defend Lilah’s mom for being compared to Audrey as a bad mom.

Little People Big World: Audrey &  Tori Roloff Get Into Water Safety

Teaching the kids to swim is a great idea. After all, if they don’t learn, they could drown. Audrey has posted videos in the past that showed her getting in instructors to teach Ember, Bode, and now Radley how to swim. Currently, she’s getting them to learn the infant swimming resource self-rescue program’s way of floating to stay alive. So, she posted about Radley and Bode learning the technique. Meanwhile, Tori is also teaching Lilah how to swim, and most TLC fans like that.

Little People Big World Fans Defend Tori Roloff After Comparison To Audrey
Tori Roloff And Audrey Roloff – Instagram via u/breadit124 / Reddit

While most Little People Big World fans don’t feel that Tori is doing the lessons for Lilah the wrong way, there are some critics. On Reddit, one of them posted up two screenshots. One showed Radley in the pool with the instructor and the other showed Lilah with her mom. The caption said, “Audrey’s a pill but at least she’s teaching her kids how to actually survive in water (Tori on the other hand…)” The inference is that Tori is risking Lilah’s life by not getting in experts to teach her daughter how to swim.

TLC Fans Defend Tori

Little People Big World fans might not all like Tori Roloff, but they do think that the comparison between the two moms is unfair. Referring to the way Lilah uses a noodle for floatation, one follower said, “Are you talking about the pool noodles for the toddler? I’d say that’s pretty standard.”

Another one opined, “Tori is doing exactly the right thing by letting her kids learn to swim and be comfortable. It isn’t neglectful to not do that baby swim lifesaving thing. Some people don’t need it. There are multiple philosophies when it comes to learning to swim.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that there’s more than one way to teach a child how to swim? Shout out in the comments below.

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