Bachelor In Paradise: Which Child Of Jade Roper Loves Berry Picking The Most?

Jade Liz Roper

Bachelor In Paradise stars Tanner Tobbert and his wife, Jade Liz Roper welcomed Reed Harrison in 2020, and the cute kid expanded the family to five. Brooks, the second child had to adapt to not being the baby anymore. But his sister Emmey, she’s become a veteran older sibling by then. This week, Jade shared that she took the kids berry picking. Which one enjoyed the outing the most? Read on to find out.

Bachelor In Paradise: Brooks, Emmey, And Reed Tolbert

Jade and Tanner’s daughter Emmey resembles her mother in appearance and demeanor, possessing a kind and nurturing nature. Meanwhile, her brother Brooks, born quickly and unexpectedly in the closet, is an adorable kid. Often, he brightens the lives of ABC fans with his charm and fun-loving personality. He treats his younger brother Reed, who’s just a little guy, with affection. Reed, who was born with dark hair like his father, has a sweet smile and seems to be a happy little boy.

Bachelor In Paradise fans like Brooks because he is such a cool dude. He’s the one who sported his mom’s hat and bag to the beach. Plus, he likes to be useful around the house. Sometimes,  he volunteers to help Jade Liz Roper out in the kitchen. Perhaps he’ll grow up and become a famous chef one day.  Meanwhile, his big sister seems so grown up these days. It seems hard to imagine that she is no longer an only child. Did she enjoy a berry-picking outing the most? Read on to find out.

Bachelor In Paradise: Jade Liz Roper Takes The Kids Berry Picking

This weekend, Jade took the kids to the “EcologyCenter,” and there, they enjoyed picking “blackberries and boysenberries.” Emmy wore a lovely red dress and braided her long blonde hair. Meanwhile, Brooks sported his Spider-Man teeshirt and jeans. Little Reed wore a white shirt with black long pants. Actually, he seemed very interested in the tractors. But soon, he was picking berries with his siblings.

Bachelor In Paradise Which Child Of Jade Roper Loves Berry Picking The Most
Jade Liz Roper / Instagram Stories ( 4)

Bachelor In Paradise fans saw that Emmy seemed quite selective with her berries. Meanwhile, Brooks was familiar with it as well. So, he chose some nice fat ones. On the other hand, Reed seemed excited and got ahead of the others. On occasion, he returned to show his mom his own berries. All in all, it looked like a lot of fun was had by everybody. But who enjoyed it the most?

Reed With A Berry Juice Face

The Bachelor In Paradise star didn’t say that Reed enjoyed picking berries the most. But judging by his face, he certainly enjoyed himself. Plus, those giveaway red berry stains around his mouth reveal that he loves to eat them. Perhaps his big brother Brooks and his sister Emmy will help his mom make some delicious pie.

Reed Tolbert
Reed Tolbert

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