Little People Big World Fans Can’t Believe What Jeremy Posted On Social Media

Jeremy Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) star Audrey Roloff posts multiple times on social media, almost every single day of the year. Often, Jeremy Roloff also shares videos and stories. In fact, TLC viewers believe that these days, they make a significant income from social media. So, they were blown away when he posted recently. Some folks claimed that his self-awareness seems appalling. So, what annoyed them so much? Read on to find out.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff Takes Heat From TLC Fans

Sometimes, people think that Jeremy is lazy. In fact, he walked into trouble on social media earlier this month when he posted about working on projects. On Facebook, he admitted that there is no point in rushing to work. So, he advised that a little bit done at a time will get eventually get the job done. Many people felt a bit unhappy because they felt that he shares how privileged he is, without thinking of others.  Many people in the world rely on jobs and employment just to make ends meet. So, they didn’t like that he advertised the fact that he can pick and choose when to work.

In another post this month, the Little People Big World alum talked about fasting. Notably, he’s not a health professional, and people feel he shouldn’t share things that he might have researched a bit, without checking with a medical professional first.  In fact, fans of the show hope that his family doesn’t get hurt by his off-the-chart ideas. When he shares about cancer cures, for instance, many people feel that he’s pushing fake info that could hurt other people. But this week, he took things to the next level when he posted about social media.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff Shares A Message from The Surgeon General

On May 28, u/Its_Hot from Reddit shared a screenshot of what Jeremy had shared on social media. The message said, “It is no longer possible to ignore social media’s potential contribution to the pain that millions of children and families are exposed to.” Underneath that, were the words, “The devastating effects are only just beginning as a result of the greatest social experiment on the human race.”  If Jacob Roloff had shared the post, people would have understood because he keeps his kid off social media.

Little People Big World Fans Can't Believe What Jeremy Posted On Social Media
Jeremy Roloff Instagram Stories via R/LittlePeopleBigWorld – Reddit

In the caption of the Reddit post, it said, “Jer posting about the dangers of social media… While he and Audj exploit their children and are GLUED to their phones daily.” Well, as you can imagine, lots of Little People Big World viewers had something to say about it. Literally, not a day goes by without their kids being openly shared with millions of people. So, they really couldn’t understand what motivated Jermey to do that.

Self-Awareness Issues?

One critic of the Little People Big World alum, u/finallyfree83 wrote. “I honestly cannot for the life of me understand how on earth someone can lack such self awareness!!! It’s like look in the mirror buddy! Look in the freaking mirror!!!”

Similarly, u/unremarkable_blue penned, “howling at the lack of self-awareness. second-hand embarrassment is all i feel about this cringe.”

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