Little People, Big World Spoilers: Why Do Fans Think Jeremy Roloff Is Questioning His Sanity

Jeremy Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that some fans think that Jeremy Roloff could be questioning his sanity. Jeremy and his wife, Audrey Roloff haven’t appeared on the show in years.

They decided to leave reality television to build and raise their family. Jeremy is known for saying whatever is on his mind and some of his fans worry that he has gone off the deep end. Why are fans and Jeremy now questioning his sanity? Let’s find out more.

Is Jeremy Mentally Stable?

From the minute that fans of Little People, Big World were first introduced to Jeremy, they felt that something wasn’t right with him. He and his wife both do their own thing and they are much different than his family members.

In fact, Audrey and Jeremy get a lot of backlash for the way that they are always trying to stay relevant and keep up appearances.

Audrey posts very regularly on social media and her followers feel that she is using her children to make money and gain followers on social media. Jeremy, on the other hand, has continued to share his thoughts, which fans find a bit odd these days.

Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy attempts to share medical advice with his followers and that has come off as incredibly weird. Not only that, but lately he has been sharing the renovations that he did to his home and fans think that he has lost his marbles.

Fans React

As much as fans want to keep up with Jeremy and Audrey, they have started to get worried about Jeremy’s mental stability. Recently, Jeremy shared a meme of aliens who were looking at the Earth.


The meme read, “How unusual… They entrust the management of their health to those who profit from their sickness.” This seems like Jeremy is criticizing the healthcare industry in the United States and he isn’t the first celebrity to do so.

Jeremy has opened up more about “Big Pharma” and the medical industry. His wife has always been open about her feelings toward natural healing and natural medicine, but these two tend to go a little too far with it. His fans have been sharing their thoughts on his medical opinions.

One wrote, “This bulls**t is particularly tone-deaf given the unique and often complicated medical challenge so much of his extended family deals with due to their dwarfism. How can someone be so f*****g self-centered to not recognize this?”

It turns out that Jeremy’s fans have questioned his last post because of his family. Will he continue to share these healthcare posts? We will have to wait and see.

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