Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop Reveals What The Kids Just HAVE To Do

Courtney Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets is no longer on TLC but Courtney Waldrop updates almost daily on her Instagram page. Actually, fans hoped for a bit that they might return. However, it all seemed just too much for them to have a film crew permanently in their lives. All the fun of the show still comes in little bits from Courtney, and this weekend, she revealed some photos that showed something that the six little kids just had to do.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Shuch An Active Family Of Nine Kids

Eric works hard with his landscaping business and livestock. Additionally, he coaches the boys in baseball and basketball. Meanwhile, he also takes the time to play with the little kids. At the same time, Saylor, Bridges, Wales, Rivers, Rawlings, Tag, Blue, Rayne, and Layke take up a lot of their mom’s time. Still, the whole family goes on vacation when they can and they do get a break from their daily routine.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans who follow Courtney know that sometimes, particularly in the winter, the house gets pretty chaotic. Eric and Courtney allow the lids to play on the bikes and scooters in the house, Often, they will have a wild party and dance on the tables. Actually, it looks exhausting. But fortunately, their parents seem to love all the fun that their kids enjoy. On Easter weekend, although it was wet outside, for a change the little kids all went to play outside.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: The Little Kids MUST Do This!!

In her post on Sunday night, Courtney shared some video clips. They were speeded up and set to music. Along came the kids all dressed up in their wet weather gear and they found a puddle. In the background, the beautiful ranch could be seen as a backdrop. All of the boys were dressed in yellow and black, and the girls in purple. Naturally they just all had to jump in the puddles.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Courtney Waldrop Reveals What The Kids Just HAVE To Do
God’s Divine Nine On Instagram

In her caption, the Sweet Home Sextuplets’ mom said, “When it rains all day long you HAVE to go play in the muddy puddles!!” Next, she said, “Call me crazy…but we actually had Easter pictures a little bit after playing in the mud and water but we just couldn’t pass it up🙈 .” She added, “we clean up pretty well😝😝.” Then she explained that you “wouldn’t ever know just a little before pictures we had mud from head to toe.” But then, she just loves to see her kids have fun.

TLC Fans Comment On The Post

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans always love to check in and see what the TLC family is up to. So, a lot of comments started rolling in straight away. One follower said, “All of your children are adorable. I don’t know how you do it! You make it look so easy I know it’s not! You are great parents.”

Meanwhile, another one asked, “Who doesn’t want to splash around in a puddle???❤️”

Do you wish sometimes that you could just let go of your inhibitions and run and jump in the puddles? Let us know in the comments below.

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