Sweet Home Sextuplets Vacation: Will Rivers Let Go Of Her Ducks?

Rivers Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans who felt exhausted when the show was on, would probably feel utterly washed out if it was still on TLC. The six little kids are such a bundle of energy. Throw in Saylor and the twins, and it sometimes looks like chaos. Well, Rivers and the rest of the family went on a vacation recently. When it comes time to leave, will she part with her ducks?

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers Waldrop Scores A Find On Vacay

Rivers, the sister of Wales, Bridges, Saylor, Blu, Rawling, Tag, Rayne, and Layke sometimes gets in a mood. But this weekend, she’s smiling and happy. The problem is, that she might change after the trip away comes to an end. The family is on a break and that possibly meant a lot of hunting to find a place that is big enough for the entire family. Possibly for security reasons, Courtney hasn’t elaborated on where they went for their vacation. But the place they found looked very nice. Of course, the kids immediately rushed inside to explore. And it was Rivers who scored a lucky find.

With all of the adorable kids in the Sweet Home Sextuplets family, hopefully, nobody falls off the bunk bed or crashes down the stairs. Actually, with so many kids there are bound to be some bumps and bruises. Anyway, they all scooted indoors, and up the stairs, checking out every nook and cranny as they explored the large accommodation. Very excited about their trip away from home, clearly it’s a fun time for the former TLC cast.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rivers Finds A Bunny & Some Ducks

When Courtney Waldrop shared her video of the kids running around with excitement, she mentioned Rivers. In her caption, she said, “exploring the place we’re staying for the first time is the highlight of the trip😝.” Then she talked about how the kids zooming around the place gives the vibe of  “little ants being let loose🤣.” Highlighting all the energy, she actually sped up the clip and they really did look like busy ants.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Vacation Will Rivers Let Go Of Her Ducks
God’s Divine Nine / Instagram

The Sweet Home Sextuplets’ mom specifically mentioned Rivers. Two shots showed her carrying animals. Not real ones, but “unbreakable.” In one scene, Rivers proudly cradled two unbreakable ducks. Then in another one, she was carrying a rabbit. Her mom wrote, “Oh and the breakable ducks you see Rivers holding…well let’s just say she’ll remember those things forever and don’t understand why they can’t come home with us..oh and the bunny rabbit she’s holding too🙈.”

TLC Fans React

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans who saw the post jumped into the comments to discuss all the fun of the vacation. One of them wrote, “I love watching the video of the arrival of the trip because you can see their reaction and the chaos with 6 children aged 5😅😍.”

Another fan said, “I always think of them as little ants – in the nicest way of course. The way they scurry upstairs, and run around excitedly. They are having the BEST adventurous life with two amazing, loving parents!! ❤ Well done 👏 👏👏.”

We don’t know if Rivers ever let go of the unbreakable animals. Maybe when their birthday comes around, she might have some of them in her gift package.

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