OutDaughtered Dad Adam Catches Olivia Out – Blames Parker?

Adam Busby

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby has a whole bunch of strong personalities on his hands and Parker and Olivia are just two of the many up-to-mischief kids in his life. This week, he caught out Olivia who blamed Parker. But were they both being naughty? What went down in the backyard in League City? Read on to find out.

OutDaughtered: Parker Busby Won’t Let Life Get To Her

Parker Kate Busby used to be shy and uncomfortable in front of the cameras. In fact, her anxiety was painful to watch and many TLC fans criticized Adam and Danielle for making her film. Fortunately, that was years ago when the kids started Pre-K. Nowadays, she’s a strong personality and she faces her fears. She has literally blossomed into a gorgeous eight-year-old. However, she has been known to be a little bit naughty. Was she the mischief kid this week?

On the contrary, OutDaughtered quint Olivia was never very shy or anxious, apart from when Riley bullied her as a toddler. Olivia and her sister Ava are identical, but each kid has a unique personality. Olivia is described by her mom as a “goofball” who makes the other kids laugh as well. However, she didn’t make her dad laugh in the backyard. Somehow, there’s a feeling that she was the naughty one and she was quick to shift the blame on Parker.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Caught Olivia Busby

On Tuesday, April 25, Adam took to his Instagram profile page to share a story about how he went to check on the kids outside. As he turned the corner, Olivia nearly ran into him, carrying a bucket. She got such a fright that she screamed, and before he could ask her what she was up to, she told a tall tale about Parker. According to her, Parker had tried to pee in a bucket outdoors. Needless to say, Parker wasn’t going to stand for that!

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Catches Olivia Out - Blames Parker
Adam Busby / Instagram

Two different versions arrived, and Parker straight up told her dad that it was Olivia who tried to pee outdoors “behind a tree.” The OutDaughtered dad didn’t tackle either of them for it. Instead, he reminded them both that “there’s a bathroom in the cabana.” Needless to say, Parker looked through peeved and disgusted. Looking at the body language, would you suggest it was Olivia with the desire to pee outdoors? After all, she’s the only one who made an excuse. She told her dad, “I couldn’t wait!” adding, “I had to go.”

TLC Fans React

OutDaughtered fans took to the comments to chat about Olivia and Parker and the issue of peeing outdoors. One of them wrote, “My girls did this too… but our neighbors saw!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤦🏻‍♀️”

Another follower quipped, “Things you thought wouldn’t happen since you got all girls. 🤣#peetree.”

This TLC fan thought it was not unusual for girls to pee outside: “i also peed outside as a child it’s a must.”

Meanwhile, another follower thought it was as well that Olivia took a pee before her dad gave her such a fright!

Did you ever pee outdoors and get caught? Did Olivia try and shift the blame? Was Parker maybe considering joining her sister in her shenanigans? Sound off in the comments below.

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