Little People, Big World: New Evidence Suggests Jacob Roloff Might Be Roloff Farm’s New Owner

Jacob Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates tease that Jacob Roloff may become the new owner of Roloff Farms, as per some evidence. Could he strike a deal with his father, Matt Roloff?

Jacob Roloff has left the cast of Little People, Big World, but he has developed a closer bond with his father Matt Roloff. In the 24th season of the show, Matt had a major falling out with his son Zach Roloff over the failed negotiations involving the Roloff Farms

Little People Big World Spoilers – Zach Abandons His Dreams

Zach eventually abandoned his desire to own the farm. Later on, he relocated to Washington with his wife Tori Roloff. Recently, Matt has been sharing photos and updates of his son Jacob on his Instagram account. As per his posts, Jacob is assisting him in constructing a new residence on the farm’s premises.

“Very exciting to be finally, after five years of planning, to be starting on our new house,” Matt posted on his Instagram account.

“@jacobroloff45 is cutting up the logs we have been saving. The home will be a combination of wood we purchase and some we cut on our LT40 mill we have at the farm. It’s going to be a busy, busy spring/summer,” he continued.

It appears that Jacob Roloff is currently dedicating most of his time to helping out at the Roloff Farms. Recent reports from The Sun have revealed that Jacob and his wife Isabel Roloff’s company, Rock & Roloff LLC, has been shut down.

The couple established the business in 2018, which specialized in photography and other artistic pursuits. However, according to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, the company was officially dissolved in May 2020.

Matt Roloff

There are indications that Jacob Roloff’s decision to let his creative business go under could imply that he is gearing up to take charge of Roloff Farms. Jacob and his father, Matt Roloff, have been sharing numerous posts on Instagram that provide evidence of Jacob’s frequent presence on the farm premises, where he has been involved in various projects. Despite these pieces of evidence, Jacob has repeatedly asserted that he does not have any immediate plans to become a property owner.

According to an insider, Jacob and Isabel are currently living on the farm to save money and to help out. The source added that the rest of the family doesn’t mind, and the couple seems to get along well with Caryn and Matt.

Little People Big World Updates – Matt And Caryn Get Engaged

In a recent interview with People, Matt shared that he finally asked Caryn to marry him after six years of being together. He was pleased to announce that his girlfriend said yes to his proposal. He went on to say that they’re planning “a simple but elegant wedding in 2024.”

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