Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff Updates On Josiah At 11 Months Old

Tori Roloff

How incredible does it feel to know that it’s almost been a year since People Big World (LPBW) star, Tori Roloff welcomed Josiah Luke? Actually, some TLC fans still have difficulty recalling that Lilah joined the family. And, they can’t get over Jackson now being in kindergarten! This week, Tori gave an update on her youngest son at 11 months old.

Little People Big World – Previous Updates From Tori Roloff About Josiah

From the time she got her son home, Zach’s wife gave plenty of updates about the latest addition to the family. TLC fans appreciate it a lot as all of the kids seem so adorable. By seven months old, he was teething, and that made his crying a bit worse. Actually, from the show, fans found out that he didn’t settle easily into a good sleep pattern. Notably, that made him grumpy and tearful which stressed the family. However, he settled down and by December last year, he had already gone on his first airplane flight.

Little People Big World fans heard in February, that Josiah Luke Roloff had finally outgrown his bouncer. His mom was so pleased because it took up a lot of space in the living room. Additionally, he really seemed to enjoy interacting with his older siblings. He was completely interested in Jackson playing with his train set. And of course, his big sister Lilah very sweetly gets protective of him. Meanwhile, Murphy the dog now has another little person to serve with dedication.

Little People Big World: Tori Sharess 11-Month Update For Josiah

On March 31, Tori took to Instagram and shared a photo of her little boy dressed very smartly. In the pictures, fans could see that he was able to pull himself up. In her caption, his mom wrote, “One more month until this sweet thing turns one!” Yes, that seems amazing. But more than that, she also told her fans that “there’s not much that upsets this kid.” Well, seeing that he cried for what seemed forever, she must be relieved about that.

Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff Updates On Josiah At 11 Months Old
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Additionally, Josiah Luke Roloff seems to be very happy and now that he can move around, he’s “loving life! Despite his early difficulties that stressed the Little People Big World family, he turned out to be “the happiest little boy ever and we are all just obsessed with him!” At the moment her son has “six teeth” and hangs onto anything to help him move around. Also, the LPBW star said that “Si knows how to wave and clap which is a fun party trick!👏🏻”

More Kids For Zach And Tori?

Little People Big World fans heard that the younger child still “loves bath time most of all” and chats a lot, but he hasn’t said a proper word yet. Delighted with her son, she claimed that if more children were like Josiah, she might “have 10” of them. However, it was just a joke. In her final sentence, she admitted, “no I’m kidding. We’re done. No more.”

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