Little People, Big World Spoilers: Is Isabel Roloff Trying To Make Money Off Mateo?

Isabel Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans think that Isabel Roloff could be using her young son to make money. Isabel never shows her son’s face on social media and she is very upfront about keeping him private. However, there are now fans that think that she is doing this on purpose and to make money off of him.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Exploiting Her Child

In a recent post on her Instagram account, Isabel mentioned to her fans that she now has a subscription set up for diehard fans. Part of this subscription, she told her fans, is that they can ask her one thing about Mateo and she will answer them in private. After getting a lot of backlash, she commented on those who think she is using him for money.

She wrote, “Anyone trying to accuse me of ‘trying to make money off of Mateo’ by sharing his birth story is just trying to make a drama out of nothing (of course, because there’s nothing actually to say about me, so they’ll try to find anything they can). It’s the story of how my son entered the world, told from my perspective. Plenty of people write about their births in their memoirs they write, what’s the difference here? Absolutely nothing. We can protect his privacy and still share whatever we feel comfortable with. WE MAKE THE RULES, HE’S OUR KID! Share whatever you want about your kid or their births, deal?”

Isabel Roloff

Little People Big World Updates – That Is Mateo’s, Birth Story?

Isabel got a better idea of what her fans wanted to hear and they mentioned, “A meeting with a medium, a crisis of identity, and Mateo’s birth story part one.” Some fans thought that Mateo’s birth story was something that needed to stay private since Isabel wants his identity private. They mentioned that they thought she was trying to protect him, but from the looks of it, she is trying to make this very public.

One of her followers told her that “this is the definition of self-centered.” Isabel doesn’t generally get this terrible hate from her followers. She maintains a very positive outlook on life and her fans really like her. Now that she has set up subscriptions though, they are concerned that money is the only thing that she is thinking about now. We will have to see just what happens next and if she does reveal any other details about Maeto. Keep an eye on her Instagram account for more.

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