Bachelor In Paradise: Which Kid Is This Stepping Out With Jade’s Handbag?

Jade Liz Roper

Bachelor In Paradise fans saw that Tanner Tobert and his wife, Jade Liz Roper didn’t hang about with making their family grow. Until recently, she always seemed to have a newborn or a bun in the oven. The upside is that she raises three adorable children now. Reed, Brooks, and Emmy. Well, one of them stepped out with their mom’s handbag. Which one was it? Read on to find out.

Bachelor In Paradise Jade Has Three Sweet Kids

Tanner and Jade tied the knot in 2016, and by 2017, ABC fans heard that they expected the arrival of Emmerson, (Emmy). Brooks arrived next, and he became a fan-favorite after they found that he was born in the closet. Unexpectedly, he rushed out into the world in super-fast time. Finally, in 2020, baby Reed Harrison arrived and he was just too cute from the moment he was born. Dark-haired like his dad, he is already an active little toddler. He will turn three at the end of this year.

Bachelor In Paradise fans know that Brooks and his big sister go off to school but Reed mostly stays home with his mom. Actually, Jade Roper told her followers that for a while, Brooks invented an imaginary friend when the change in his life came along. He’s a cute kid as well and he loves to get into the kitchen to help his mom prepare meals. Actually, it seemed like a labor-saving thing because, with the play kitchen, the kids kept their mom busy with cleaning. Well, this week, the kids went outdoors for the day, and one of them sported their mom’s handbag.

Bachelor In Paradise: Brooks Adorbaly Dons A Straw Hat And Bag

If you are going to the beach on a warm and sunny day in April, it’s important to remember the accessories, So, Brooks went and got himself ready. Taking to Instagram Stories, Jade revealed him all ready to go with his huge hat, and the bag slung over his shoulder. Dressed for fun, he wore a Spider-Man tee shirt, striped short pants, and no shoes. Of course, he gave his mom the sweetest smile when she saw him.

Bachelor In Paradise Which Kid Is THis Stepping out With Jade Handbag
Jade Liz Roper / Instagram Stories

Later, the Bachelor In Paradise star showed the kids having a blast on the beach. Actually, they went to Baby Beach at Dana Point, Harbor. The Visit Dana Point website explains that it’s a nice location for kids because the water isn’t rough. Additionally, the views are nice, and close by, are restaurants and shops.  Convenient parking makes for easy access, and of course, you can also picnic there.

Will Jade And Tanner Have More Kids?

Bachelor In Paradise fans think that for now, at least, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are done with having kids. Mind you, she did say that she wouldn’t mind a round number of four children. Actually, it seems that Tanner’s the one who feels that three kids are enough.

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