Disney To Start Work On New Park That’ll Feature Their Best Villains


It’s not a surprise that Disney is looking forward to tapping into their dark characters to increase the fun that can be had at the already “happiest place on earth.” You can’t blame them, with iconic villains like Ursula, Maleficent – her villainy is under contention after she was revamped as the good guy in Angelina Jolie’s “Maleficent” – and many others, who wouldn’t want to put them on display.

From the hilarious villains to the ones that make your blood curdle, their appearances will no longer be restricted to T-shirts, TV specials, and Halloween. How does Disney intend to pull this off?

Disney Spoilers – Disney Imagineer Thrills Fans With News Of A Villain Park

In a recent interview with EW, Disney’s Imagineer Chris Beatty announced that the company is working on dedicating a section of their land to their most iconic villains.


“We’re dreaming every day about what could be next at Walt Disney World. We just wanted to give you a peek at some of the amazing things that could be coming. It’s changing every day. It’s exciting. I think Josh was really trying to get across that spirit of creativity, of what could be next, of innovation, of the possibility of what could be is still alive and well at Disney and Imagineering…”

The best thing about the announcement was the revelation that the idea was totally welcomed by fans, meaning that Disney will be working on the park with speed and enthusiasm. “[The villains concept] got pretty good applause…We took note of how loud the applause was when we announced that.”

This plan to bring a villain park to Disney might see them bring back their scrapped idea to have a beastly kingdom. However, Disney Imagineers would have to find a way to make these villains family-friendly, and well, no one can claim that it’ll be easy. The happy thing is that dozens of TikTok creators have already offered some really good suggestions to get them off the ground, at the very least.

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