Disney Blizzard Beach Water Park To Shut Down, What We Know!

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park To Shut Down For This Reason

Disney is rolling out major changes across its parks as it celebrates its centennial anniversary, and one of their attractions affected by these upgrades and changes going on is Disney World’s famous Blizzard Beach.

What You Need To Know About Disney’s Blizzard Beach Closing Down’

The Florida park will be closing on March 19, 2023, but don’t despair, it’s not going permanently. According to the park, it will be temporarily closing their doors due to refurbishment. This is coming after another one of Disney’s water parks, Typhoon Lagoon – located in Orlando, Florida – shut down.

However, Typhoon Lagoon will open just in time to make up for Blizzard Beach closing down. Fun fact: the two parks have not operated simultaneously since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020.

Blizzard Beach last shut down at the beginning of last year, but reopened to the public in November with a few upgrades, which included a new Frozen theme at Tike’s Peak–a section in the water park that is dedicated to children.

The Tike’s Peak impressive features include a ton of miniature snow-banked slides, snow chutes, and plenty of other attractions for your kiddos, and with the new “Frozen” theme incorporated into the park, families will enjoy seeing familiar faces.

Fans of “Frozen” will especially be excited to see Anna and Elsa’s igloo, modeled from the movie. The igloo provides a section where kids can engage in playful water battles utilizing pop-up water jets. But that’s not all the excitement that kids can expect, as they will also get to see and admire Olaf and his Snowgie friends having a grand time in the warm wading pool.

Hold on, I’m still not done listing the happy things that’s been added to the splash kingdom. Okay, let’s see, Disney food blog revealed that there are plans to add Frozen-themed food items to the menu. The treats are yet to be revealed, but there’s the promise that it’ll be so good it will make you break into a song after your first one to three bites.

At this time, it’s not known when the beloved Blizzard Beach will be returning, but we’ll be patiently awaiting its return and all the fun additions that’ll come with it.

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