Sweet Home Sextuplets Dad Eric Waldrop Gets An Extreme Arm Workout

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Sweet Home Sextuplets alum Eric Waldrop seemed like a really devoted dad on the TLC show. However, it probably all got a bit too much with his livestock, filming, raising nine kids, coaching, and landscaping business. Often, he looked really tired. However, he’s probably feeling it a bit more after the weekend as he had an extreme arm workout.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney & Eric Waldrop Raise Loads Of kids

TLC fans used to claim that watching the couple raise their nine children made them feel anxious. Blu, Rivers, Rayne, Rawlings, Tag, and Layke were a bunch of active toddlers when fans last saw them on the show. At one stage, fans gave Courtney heat for visiting a park with them on a leash. However, there are other kids, the twins, Bridges and Wales, and their older brother Saylor. And, they sure know how to throw a party.

Recently, Sweet Home Sextuplets fans saw that the big farmhouse might get some paint chips, but Courtney and Eric don’t mind. That’s because they have so much fun. While some folks felt horrified, others loved that they let the kids ride their bikes inside the house. Well, this weekend, they rode something else in the house and fans thought that Eric wouldn’t be needing an arm workout the next day.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop Gets An Arm Workout

On Saturday, Courtney shared a video on her Instagram that revealed the kids all playing with their ride-on cars in the house. Dad Eric sat on the couch and the kids sat in front of him in the cars. Then, he used his arms to push them away speeding across the room. As soon as one child had been done, the others were ready for their turn. When she posted up the clip, Courtney said, “This is how we spend Friday nights!!😎”

Sweet Home Sextuplets Dad Eric Waldrop Gets An Extreme Arm Workout
Courtney Waldrop / Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans commented, and one of them wrote, “Looks like everyone is having so much fun. Eric is getting a workout.” Meanwhile, another follower said, “And just like that…Dad did “arm day”. No gym for him today 😂.”

Courtney agreed with that, saying, “🤣🤣 exactly…he’s feeling it today!!😝”

TLC Fans Comment On The Happy Family

One Sweet Home Sextuplets fan wished that they could have also been with Eric Waldrop and Courtney when they all rode the cars. One of them wrote, “Looks like so much fun, I want to join in 🥳.”

Meanwhile, another follower commented, “I think it’s so cool how you let them ride their cars, and bikes, and scooters inside. I miss when my kids and now grandkids use to ride their lil cars and scooters in my house. It was fine with me. ❤️”

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