General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Else is Curious About Trina’s Paternity — But Who?

General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Else is Curious About Trina’s Paternity — But Who?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is in for the shock of his life this month — and he’s not the only one. Henry (Vernee Watson) is still stunned by Jordan Ashford’s (Tanisha Harper) implication that Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) might be Curtis’ daughter.

She doesn’t know how to get to the bottom of that mystery fast enough to find out the truth before the wedding, but she will make it her mission to ensure he doesn’t marry someone who is keeping such a huge secret from him. However, Portia isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and even she will be surprised when the truth comes out and she realizes who already knew it.

General Hospital Spoilers — Curtis May Be Trina’s Dad

Portia and Curtis had an affair roughly two decades ago, but Curtis didn’t know it at the time. He had no idea Portia was married when he was seeing her, and when he found out, he promptly put an end to their relationship.

They didn’t see each other again until she ended up in Port Charles with her daughter. Little did he know at the time, Trina may also be his daughter, and Portia never cared to tell him. Now that Stella knows this is possible, she’s not going to rest until she finds out the truth and shares it with Curtis.

GH Spoilers Hint Taggert Already Knows

When Stella blows the lid off of Portia’s secret, Curtis will be stunned. He’s a father. He has a teenage daughter. Trina will be equally surprised and heartbroken. She thought she already had a father. Speaking of Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews), it won’t take long for Portia and Trina to recognize that he’s not nearly as surprised as everyone else.

Why isn’t he furious with Portia? Well, he already knew. As it turns out, Taggert suspected Portia had an affair years ago, and when he found out for certain that she did, he did the math on his own. He had a DNA test done with Trina was still a minor and was none the wiser, and he never told her or Portia. How will Trina feel knowing both of her parents actually harbored this secret?

General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Else is Curious About Trina’s Paternity — But Who?

General Hospital Spoilers — Portia Thought She Was Alone

Portia will be flabbergasted as well. She had no idea Taggert knew the truth, and probably wishes he would have told her ages ago. However, she understands that he didn’t want to upset Trina’s life, just like she didn’t. He didn’t want to lose his daughter, either. Still, this isn’t going to go over with Curtis very well, who is certain to feel robbed of the chance to raise his daughter and know her from childhood throughout her life.

There is so much he has missed that he won’t be able to make up for — if she lets him. This may be a good time for his own father, Marshall Ashford’s (Robert Gossett) experience to come in handy as he commiserates with Curtis in his own way. Someone will have to help him through this. It certainly won’t be his would-be wife. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead.