LPBW: Cute Lilah Roloff Goes To Dance Class – Was It A Winner?

Lilah Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) starlet, Lilah Roloff quickly grabbed the hearts of TLC fans because she’s quite different from her brother, Jackson. Nowadays, the big sister of baby Josiah really comes into her own. Remember when Lilah was a tiny tot, her mom, Tori Roloff told her fans that her daughter loves everything pretty? Well, she looked very pretty and cute in her dance class. But, was it a win? Read on to find out.

LPBW Starlet Lilah Roloff Starts Growing Up

This year, Lilah turned three years old. So, she’s close to the age that Jackson was when she was born. Actually, it turned out that Zach and Tori’s son seemed very sweet with his sister and didn’t seem to have jealousy issues. Although she will compete with her brother when they are playing around, she really seems to be very much a girl child. Without stereotyping, there’s no question that she adores shiny baubles and pretty things. And, it probably won’t be long before she wants to play with makeup with her mom.

LPBW fans know that Lilah loves to watch her brother play soccer. Actually, she occasionally tried to play with the ball. However, she might not get totally serious about it. One clip that her mom shared with Little People Big World fans revealed her walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off. Certainly, it seems that dancing might be more her forte. Anyway, Tori shared about her dance class on her Instagram stories this week and some really cute photos emerged.

LPBW Star Tori Shares About Lilah At Her Dance Class

On December 7, Tori took to Instagram Stories and posted up a series of photos and clips of Lilah. Actually, the cute kid looked a bit unsure about it. At the dance class, she seemed to prefer sitting alone on a chair while she watched the other kids dancing. Aww! She looked so tiny and alone in her little dance outfit. Mind you, she did seem to appreciate what the other kids were doing on the dance floor. So, her mom said, “we made progress.”

Dance Class Little People Big World
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Certainly, it didn’t seem like the LPBW starlet was totally into learning to dance. Perhaps, in time, she will get the confidence to overcome her shyness. Actually, like the Little People Big World mom, a lot of parents hope that taking dance classes will help their kids boost their confidence and balance. However, it seems that there’s more than just a spark of interest in TLC’s cute kid. While they were at home, Lilah entertained the family in front of the Christmas tree.

LPBW Cute Lilah Roloff Goes To Dance Class - Was It A Winner
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

If Lilah’s dancing doesn’t make you go “Aww,” then let us know why in the comment below.

Will The Cute Kid Keep On Dancing?

In her Stories, Tori also revealed that LPBW fans can probably expect to see more of her daughter dancing. On the way home in the car, Lilah told her mom that she would like to go to classes again.

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