Dancing With The Stars: Fearful Sharna Burgess Reveals Postpartum Tips

Sharna Burgess

Dancing With The Stars fans heard that Sharna Burgess left the show. And, she won’t be on the Disney+ version going forward, either. That’s because she’s a mom now and her son, Zane seems to be adorable. She and Brian Austin Green welcomed Zane, but he’s not Austin’s first child. However, after her very first pregnancy, Sharna seems very fearful. So, she offered her followers some advice about anxiety.

Dancing With The Stars – Sharna Burgess Is A Devoted Mom

For those people who fall in love and start a family, it’s often a wonderful time in life. Actually, it’s a very different experience from those teens who accidentally become young mothers. Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess clearly fall into the family category. They really seem to have a great relationship, and that’s an excellent foundation on which to build a family.

Dancing With The Stars fans followed Sharna as she journeyed through her pregnancy and Zane Walker Green arrived in June. At the time, she said on her social media, “My heart is now forever outside of my body.” Like other moms, she fell instantly in love with her baby and he means everything to her. So, she’s determined to be the best mom that she can be. Unfortunately, she struggles with a symptom of postpartum anxiety called “intrusive thoughts.”

Dancing With The Stars – Sharna Talks About Intrusive Thoughts

According to Happiest Baby, “intrusive thoughts are a common symptom of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety.” If you are not aware of the problem with intrusive thoughts, they can be quite debilitating. They might come in the form of an image or picture in your mind of a terrible thing happening to the baby. When Sharna talked about her experience, she said mentioned fearing “falling down stairs holding him, sickness, a car accident,” and more. In fact, she added, “I still get them but I have learned to tame them and understand them and most of all.. realized I am not alone.”

Dancing With The Stars Fearful Sharna Burgess Reveals Postpartum Tips
Sharna Burgess / Instagram

The Dancing With The Stars alum explained that she copes by taking “deep cleansing breaths.” Then she explained how she does it.  The DWTS pro-dancer said, “Taking in as much air as you can…hold as you say “I release all thoughts that do not serve me” then control that breathe out imagining those words and the feeling they bring leaving you.”

Another Tip About Being Fearful

Dancing With The Stars fans also saw that another option helps Sharna. She wrote, “When I need a quicker fix I physically swipe my hand in front of my eyes and say “no” and imagine that image being destroyed and gone. I shake it off and call in a memory that I can’t wait to make with Zane. All of the firsts that he has coming.”

Did you ever struggle with the fear induced by postpartum intrusive thoughts? Let us know how you coped with it in the comments below.

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