Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron Updates On Her Due Date

Mykelti Padron

Sister Wives fans know that Mykelti Padron expects twins and her mom, Christine Brown, is super-excited about it. When fans heard that she expected twins, they were a bit shocked. After all, she and her husband Tony were married for a while before their daughter, Avalon arrived. This week, the TLC star updated fans and she now knows her probable due date.

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron Still Pregnant

At the end of October, TLC fans heard that Mykelti was just about ready to pop. Actually, the babies seemed to be running out of room. The twin boys, which will be fraternal seem to be doing well, but their mom’s size seems astonishing to bump watchers. Obviously, it’s really uncomfortable for their mom as well and she started finding it a bit of an effort to move around.

In a previous update, the Sister Wives star told fans that the babies could come along at almost any time in the next three weeks. At the time, she was seven times larger than a pregnancy with a single child at full term. She also told her fans that the babies weighed 5.13lbs and 5.7lbs respectively. As they were ahead of the average child at that age, clearly these will not be tiny babies. Will she opt for a C-Section or a natural birth?

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron Mentions Being Induced

Mykelti Padron took to her Instagram Stories on Friday, November 11, and gave her fan an update. Showing off her bump, she noted that she was “still pregnant.” However, she does know the probable date that the kids will arrive. She said that she’s officially at 37 weeks along right now. And, she noted, “that’s not bad for twins.” If you don’t know, twins often come a bit early.

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron Updates On Her Due Date
Mykelti Padron / Instagram Stories

Sister Wives fans heard that at 38 weeks, Mykelti will be induced for her labor. Perhaps she does plan a natural birth. Of course, the babies might decide that it’s time to come out before that. But for now, at least she can look forward to a fairly firm date. We’re willing to bet that Christine Brown stays close by as her daughter enters her last week of pregnancy.

Will Robyn Brown Be There For The Birth?

Sister Wives fans were astounded to hear that Mykelti Padron really likes Robyn Brown a lot. In season 17, she talked about how she was sad that covid meant Robyn had to watch the arrival of Avalon remotely. As rumors run around that all the wives have left Kody, bar Robyn, it’s not certain that she’ll around for the birth. In time, we’ll update you once the babies arrive.

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