General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Can Finn Get Past The Fact That Liz Accidentally Killed His Wife?

General Hospital: Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that in yet another GH history rewrite, Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) has suddenly become responsible for Reiko Finn’s (Mele Ihara) death. Of course, Reiko died from Blackwood Syndrome, but Liz caused her to need a blood transfusion. Can Liz and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) get past this?

General Hospital Spoilers – Hamilton Finn Believed This Was His Fault

General Hospital spoilers reveal that ever since Finn arrived in Port Charles, he has claimed responsibility for his wife’s death. Finn believed that his research exposed Reiko to the disease that lead to her death. Finn was so adamant about this that he gave himself Blackwood’s so he could find a cure. Unfortunately, Finn could not save his beloved wife.

Fans have a really hard time accepting rewrites like this because of what they already know to be the truth. If Liz’s parents had worked with his wife and himself, how are we supposed to believe that Liz didn’t even recognize the name? Finn’s addiction stemmed from this whole storyline, suddenly, none of that is true.

General Hospital Updates – Liz Baldwin Caused Reiko Finn’s Fall

A fall was never mentioned until Liz suddenly remembered fighting with Reiko. Of course, Liz didn’t push Reiko down the stairs but should have never been fighting with her at the top of them either. Liz didn’t remember any of this because her parents essentially brainwashed her into forgetting it. What kind of parents would do this to their child?

Jeff Webber (William Moses) and Carolyn Webber (Denise Crosby) abandoned their daughter to continue their work overseas.

General Hospital: Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst)

Jeff and Carolyn used this incident to justify dropping their daughters off in Port Charles and allowing them to be raised by their grandmother instead. Liz had no idea that any of this happened until she helped Finn deal with Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) body on the stairs at the hospital. Suddenly, Liz was thrown back decades and had no idea why.

Hamilton Finn Will Be Stunned

Finn is going to be completely stunned to learn that Liz is the one who caused his wife to fall. However, Finn could be even more shocked to learn that his wife had been having an affair as well. Finn has no idea that most of these events were connected to Liz at all or he would have known her from the start. Will Finn recognize Liz as the daughter of her former colleagues?

How is Finn going to feel now that he knows Liz was a part of Reiko’s death? Can Finn get past this incident and move on in their relationship?

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