Little People Big World: Amy Poses With ALL Her Adorable Grandchildren

Amy Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans know that Amy Roloff loves being a grandmother to the seven little ones born to the family. However, it’s very seldom that fans see all of them with her at the same time. Actually, some of them, like Tori’s son, Josiah are still almost brand new. This week, a photo emerged on social media that TLC fans think is just way too adorable.

Little People Big World – Amy Roloff Blessed With Lovely Grandkids

Jackson, the eldest child of Tori and Zach Roloff charmed Amy and Matt Roloff from the very beginning. Mind you, he’s close in age to Audrey and Jeremy’s daughter, Ember. Pretty and very much a little girl, she’s now the big sister of Radley and Bode. Bode’s so cute that fans and the family call him a little “teddy bear.” Of course, Jackson’s little sister Lilah does a fantastic job at being cute and fans will see Josiah’s arrival in the next season of the TLC show.

Little People Big World fans also know that Jacob Roloff and Isabel welcomed their son Mateo last year. Unfortunately, fans don’t see his face at all, so Isabel takes some heat for that. Apparently, they want their son to decide for himself if people should see him on social media. So, fans will have to wait a long time for that to happen. Usually, bits and pieces of him emerge, but fans never see his face. And this time, Amy sat with Mateo on her lap. But his face was hidden by a heart emoji.

The Cute Little People Big World Photo Of Adorable Grandchildren

It’s not clear where @tuffyopic found the photo of Amy with the grandkids. So, we can’t credit the photographer. On Instagram, the caption said, “Amy Roloff with all of her grandchildren in one photo! This is amazing 🥰♥️.” Well, it is an amazing photo, fans agree, As you can see, Jackson posed like a pro. Meanwhile, Lilah seemed fascinated by Mateo. Josiah looked grumpy. Actually, there’s something of Matt Roloff on a bad day in his features.

Little People Big World: Amy Poses With ALL Her Adorable Grandchildren
Via @tufftopic / Instagram

Little People Big World princess, Ember looked a bit shy but managed a sweet smile. Then, in the front, Bode cuddled his little brother, Radley, who seemed to enjoy the experience. Meanwhile, Amy sat there looking absolutely thrilled. Actually, it’s such a nice photo that it’s probably safe to say that Amy will frame it and hang it somewhere special.

TLC Fans Comment On The Photo

Little People Big World fans took to the comment section and a lot of people used the word, “adorable!” One follower wrote, “Grandbaby overload ❤️!!” Well, it sure is, and Amy certainly seems very blessed with all those little kids in her life.

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