Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: The Johnson Brothers Return, Is It Only To Say Goodbye?

Days Of Our Lives: Joey Johnson (Tanner Stine) and Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams)

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers indicate that Joey Johnson (Tanner Stine) and Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) are on their way back to Salem. As the boys rush to Kayla Johnson’s (Mary Beth Evans) side, will they be forced to say their final goodbye? Has the family waited too long to call Joey and Tripp home to spend time with Kayla before it’s too late?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Kayla Johnson Didn’t Want To Worry The Boys

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Kayla forced Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) to assure the boys she would be ok because she didn’t want them making a fuss. Kayla knows that both Joey and Tripp love her and would have wanted to be by her side if they knew how sick she was. Stephanie has tried to abide by her mother’s wishes but things are looking dire and Stephanie knows her brothers need to come home.

Joey has been calling constantly trying to get information on Kayla’s condition. Of course, Stephanie has been using her public relations skills to keep Joey and Tripp in Seattle. Stephanie may be forced to call her brother home when Kayla takes a dramatic turn for the worst. Will Tripp and Joey even get to say goodbye to Kayla before she passes away?

Days Of Our Lives Updates – Kayla Johnson Flatlines

Kayla will see her father and end up flatlining while waiting on a cure for this toxin. Fans know that Kayla will also visit Heaven but there is no indication where she stays or returns to the living. Of course, fans hope that Kayla will survive and come back to spend many more years with her family. However, spoilers suggest that someone will die this fall.

Will Kayla lose her battle with this toxin and pass away leaving Steve to seek revenge on Orpheus? Will a last-minute cure manage to save Kayla’s life? Can Dr. Rolf’s (Richard Wharton) serum bring Kayla back long enough for Rex to perfect the cure for this deadly toxin that almost killed Roman years ago?

Days Of Our Lives: Kayla Johnson’s (Mary Beth Evans)

Why Can’t Roman Brady’s Blood Help?

Roman was exposed to this toxin and cured years ago. Instead of having to have this orchid from the depths of the jungle, why can Roman’s blood not be used to help find a cure? In most cases, the immune system of someone that had been cured would have much-needed antibodies to help fight this toxin. However, it seems that will not work in this case.

Once it is discovered that Kristen has the orchid that will provide the cure, what will Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) sacrifice to get it? Will Brady be forced to lose his daughter to save his stepmother? Will all three ladies be saved or is it too late for Kayla?

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